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10 onboarding best practices for remote workers

Remember to give existing teams a heads up so that they can finish what they are on and make themselves available to be introduced. The initial session should conclude by thanking everyone, and giving a shoutout to those who had a hand in devising the icebreakers and games. A day should also be dedicated to compiling relevant documentation for new hires, such as the company handbook, guides and booklets so that they are armed with sufficient documentation pre-joining.

Don’t leave new employees to guess at these issues; doing so can create ambiguity and stress. Research shows that it’s more powerful to have a broad network than a deep network, especially as one becomes increasingly senior in an organization. Particularly when a new leader onboards, the organization should help him or her intentionally build a broad network, starting internally. Some companies set up a “shadow week” in which the new hire attends a wide variety of team and stakeholder group meetings, even those that may feel less directly relevant to that new hire’s core responsibilities. It’s important that this informal mentor be a different person from the person’s manager, so that the new employee feels comfortable asking any question, large or small. Any new employee will and should have endless questions, and the last thing you want is having them feel uncertain about who to ask.

Remote Onboarding Best Practices and Ebook

Employees want and value the flexibility and autonomy that remote work affords them. In fact, 54% of employees say they would change jobs for one that offered them more flexibility, which results in an average of 12% turnover reduction after a remote work agreement is offered. Remote work is essentially any work done away from a physical office location.

Onboarding Checklist for Managers Human Resources University … – Human Resources University of Michigan

Onboarding Checklist for Managers Human Resources University ….

Posted: Tue, 26 Sep 2023 02:20:52 GMT [source]

The rapid evolution of VR technology, combined with its high initial costs, makes it daunting for businesses to incorporate it seamlessly. The VR market’s lack of universally compelling content further complicates its integration. The factors include areas like legal and regulatory expenses, stock price, reputation, recruitment and retention, and customer loyalty.

Technical requirements for all-remote onboarding

Whether full-time or hybrid, for many organizations remote work is here to stay. And as employees increasingly expect and demand flexibility and remote options, leaders will need to adapt to a new normal for managing remote teams. These are the building blocks of engaged and productive employees no matter where they do their work.

  • When developing a remote onboarding process for the first time, there are likely to be challenges or things that are missed.
  • This gives them a comprehensive overview of your company’s culture, people, and values.
  • The duration of onboarding depends on the complexity of the role, and that should guide you on setting the right period for your company and new hires.
  • Instead, create a guided process that takes into account every aspect of the job and company.
  • Failing to create an efficient onboarding process can actually hurt the productivity levels of new hires.

This set of trends focuses on changes that will impact our working lives on a day-to-day basis. Or for bosses or managers, it can be thought of as pointers for where to focus your efforts to ensure your workforce is ready to face the biggest challenges of 2024. Recorded videos featuring school leaders and students provide newly hired teachers with an immersive introduction to their new school. Sometimes new teachers won’t remote onboarding best practices physically visit the school until the start of school in August/September, so these videos are a great way to showcase your culture and get new teachers excited to join you. Digital platforms provide a centralized hub for all paperwork, minimizing the risk of error. Collecting documentation through an online onboarding platform saves valuable time that can then be used to create meaningful connections with your new hires.

Leverage the right technology

To help with this, we expanded the review stage of our procurement process and started looking at third-party vendors through a partnership lens. In other words, we built a security review into our procurement process so that we could effectively partner with our vendors. Instead of spending time on physical threats like tailgating, it’s now more important to educate remote workers on how to secure their home environment. For instance, you can train your employees to use a clean desk policy, where they lock up their work materials when they’re away from their desks. Device Trust makes it easier for your IT team to stay in control as it ensures that unmanaged devices don’t have access to your resources, putting you in a better position to protect your sensitive data. It also allows you to minimize the friction caused by multi-factor authentication (MFA) prompts, as employees using trusted or managed devices can experience seamless logins—an ideal balance of security and usability.

Best Remote Onboarding Practices to Adopt

This helps new hires to stay productive during the first few weeks of joining your company. A great best practices guide to download and use when planning your virtual onboarding process. On top of this step-by-step onboarding plan, have a space (like a learning library) where you can store online training tools, manuals and other relevant materials so new employees can access and reference them as needed. In this post, we’ve laid out the five best practices you can use during the remote onboarding process to make sure your hires have a smooth landing in their new roles. It can be difficult for remote hires to adjust to the company culture and get a well-rounded view into the mission, values and product knowledge they’ll need to do their job well.

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